In the beginning... finding the perfect protein was not only frustrating but impossible.  Nothing was quite right. It was either blended with fillers or sweetened with chemicals. I wanted to be sure that the protein I was purchasing was made from real food and nutrients. I never tried anything that tasted wholesome and delicious. I was always, always left disappointed. This forced me to continue my search.


My story is simple… I needed a protein powder that ticked all my boxes. My personal experiences are quite vast. Whilst being a registered nurse, and practicing in a Western medicine environment, I am also experienced within an eastern medicine framework, through my qualifications as a yoga alliance teacher. As well as working as a personal trainer, I was reliant on something more than just a standard protein supplement. This is how Protein of Life was created. With much love, time and dedication to blend and source the optimal ingredients, my goal was to provide myself and my clients with a truely unique protein powder - One that was a cut above anything else.


My love of holistic wellbeing, following the philosophy of nourishing your body both inside and out, has helped me to develop and make Protein of Life available to you.  Each bag is hand blended and created with loving energy to ensure you are fuelling your body with the best protein on Earth.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. - with love Bernadette

Protein of Life is Australia's first Hemp, Pea and Rice Protein Blend.

#organic #vegan #glutenfree #lowGI #raw #dairyfree #soyfree #nonGMO #100%natural

The combination of our plant proteins give you the optimal amino acid profile with great bioavailability so easily absorbed. Perfect for general health and wellbeing, weight-loss, or muscle tone and building.

We use no artificial flavours, binders, blenders, mixing agents it is just pure ingredients. This gives our protein its real texture unlike traditional mass produced protein powders.

Our sweetness is from nature using Luo Han Guo an ancient longevity fruit that has zero glycemic index and no bitter aftertaste like stevia.

Each batch is hand made and quality controlled to ensure our high standards and that's just the way we like it.

To create a real wholefoods protein that is good for you, kind to animals and saves the planet.

Lets make everyone healthy and happy.

"Clean and Lean without being Mean"